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Piccato Paletto e Associates is a chartered accounting firm and provides assistance and advice for companies in tax law, corporate law, accounting and managing.

The focus of the Firm is to offer tailor made services for a selected number of Clients, as to ensure timeliness and quality in service, basing on the Clients ‘specific needs.

Our work is characterised by immediate availability to examine and meet the Clients’ requirements, as well as by a constant presence of our specialists besides the Client in every situation.

Within the Firm different working groups can be found, specialised in different fields, in both accounting and law. Those groups allow the Firm to analyse, face and resolve any issue in a rapid and exhaustive way, with high professional standards.

The Firm cooperates with other accounting firms both Italian and foreign, organised in a network.

Our specialists work with the latest technological systems and databases.

Thanks to a long-standing experience in different business fields, the Firm proudly serves Clients working in the third-sector, especially in the manufacturing, housing, food, trade, constructions and energy ones.


Lo studio
Lo studio