Assistance and advice in tax law, regarding direct and indirect taxation for professionals, companies and natural persons.
Planning for taxation, both domestic and foreign, in network with foreign accounting firms.
Fiscal analysis related to company restructuring, transfer of shares, companies and assets.
Assistance in case of tax inspection.
Assistance in dialogue with the financial Administration.
Assistance in requests for Hearing.
Advice and legal aid before and within accounting-related litigations.
Audit and due-diligence.

Diritto societario e commerciale

Commercial and Corporate Law

Regular advice in corporate law.
Establishment, modifications, dissolution in companies and entities.
Secretarial compliances, drawing and updating of company books.
Assistance and advice in general meetings.
Assistance and advice in extraordinary company operations (mergers, divisions, conversions, divestments, demergers).
Assistance and advice in transfer of shares.
Assistance in negotiations.
Drawing up of contracts.
Drawing up of shareholders’ agreements.
Auditor duties in companies.



Advice and assistance in drawing up of annual and consolidated financial statements.
Regular advice and assistance in accounting.
Budgeting and drawing up of business plans.
Budget analysis.
Accounting services or account keeping for companies and professionals.
Statutory auditor duties for companies and public/private bodies.
Audit and due-diligence.
Audit and administrative advice for non-profits.

Valutazioni d'azienda

Company Valuations

Preliminary expert reports and evaluations for transfers (company, shares etc.)
Valuation in case of extraordinary company restructuring.
Economic and financial check-up.

Sistemazioni di interessi

Accommodation of interests

Planning for inheritance.
Accommodation of interests between relatives, heirs or partners.
Generational handover in companies.
Winding-up proceedings, assignment and divisions of assets.

Incarichi giudiziali

Judicial proceedings

Technical consultancy services in Court.
Technical consultancy services in both civil and criminal Court cases.
Expert reports.